At Verdex, we consistently strive to cultivate strategic partnerships with highly skilled trade professionals who share our commitment to elevating standards and Building Something Better together. Our pursuit of excellence relies on the collaboration of proficient and actively supportive subcontractors, as they play a pivotal role in ensuring the seamless execution of successful projects within our high-functioning team.

Bid Notifications

Verdex utilizes Procore for the efficient management of Invitations to Bid, underscoring our commitment to streamlined processes. To ensure the utmost precision and adherence to project requirements, prospective trade partners are mandated to undergo a prequalification process.

The first step to begin receiving Invitations to Bid, is to complete the Verdex Subcontractor Intake Form and email it to Once submitted and reviewed by Verdex, you will receive an email confirming that your Company has been added to Verdex's bidder list or that more information is required.

Getting Prequalified

Once the Verdex Subcontractor Intake form has been processed, you will received an invitation to COMPASS to begin the prequalification process.

COMPASS by Bespoke Metrics is a prequalification platform that helps general contractors and subcontractors manage supply chain risk. It offers data collection, verification, and analytics across the construction supply chain.



Please contact our estimating department for upcoming and current bids by calling 561.440.1740



We value the energy and drive often shown by Small, Minority, and Women-Owned Business Enterprises (S/M/WBEs). Having grown from a small business ourselves, we know that S/M/WBEs work extra hard to provide value and quality work. To help these businesses grow and prosper, we:

  • Provide “How to Scale Your Business” seminars – Outreach events held to provide an opportunity for S/M/WBEs to learn from industry professionals about bonding, insurance, marketing, safety, operational excellence, and to meet Verdex staff and gain insight into best practices working with us
  • Provide early payment options – We understand that cash flow can be a key challenge for subcontractors; our team offers opportunities to get paid in advance, so your project expenses get paid on-time
  • Create smaller bid packages -- We know that many smaller businesses can’t bond and have limited staff and capacity to execute work -- however, their track record and commitment to produce quality work deserves an opportunity, so we carve out smaller packages from the larger scope that they can successfully achieve
  • Encourage larger subcontractors to hire S/M/WBEs if they are subbing out portions of their work -- We encourage larger subcontractors to consider using S/M/WBE firms by sharing names of our successful S/M/WBE subcontractors that are capable and have capacity to execute the work.


Join us for one of our monthly “Breakfast with Verdex” Meetings

  • Build one-on-one relationships with key estimating and project management team members
  • Understand subcontractor’s abilities and challenges
  • Learn more about our bidding process

"At Safety Matters, my team and I were very pleased to introduce our company, products & services, and latest projects we are involved in to the Verdex team. We found the meeting very productive to explore project opportunities. THANK YOU for the this great initiative!" Marcela Roggenburg, President at Safety Matters

To RSVP for the next breakfast, please contact Christion Garner at