Building a Culture of Safety
At Verdex, our internal Safety Committee meets regularly to address the ever-evolving regulations and company goals to ensure everyone that steps foot on our jobsite returns home to their families at the end of the day. With a focus on hazard analysis, risk mitigation and accident prevention, the Safety Committee is instrumental in updating guidelines and implementing them companywide to continue Building Something Better.


Making Safety a Daily Commitment 
Beginning with our vetting and onboarding process, safety is put at the forefront of everything we do. Every member of our team is minimum OSHA 10 Certified, with our superintendents having an OSHA 30 Certification. From the leadership team, through our entire organization, extending to our subcontractors, clients and communities, our commitment is detailed and built into every project.

In addition to our daily jobsite safety standard operating procedures, we also hire a 3rd-party safety consultant to perform monthly, unannounced onsite inspections, providing additional assessments to give everyone confidence that safety protocols are being adhered to.

As a testament to our dedication to safety, our insurance modification factor is well below the industry standard, demonstrating our success with jobsite safety practices.

Safety Standdown
Safety Photo